Make your special event even more spectacular with a one of a kind dance with Your Night Choreo!
Los Angeles Choreographers Krista and Kelvin focus on dance moves that highlight you! This is your night to truly be the best version of yourselves!

Husband and wife choreographers

Krista and Kelvin Ramirez Los Angeles based Choreographers met dancing and pull from a combined 30 years of dance experience in Ballroom, Jazz, Hip hop, Contemporary, Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, and more to create dances as unique as you are! All lessons are with Krista and Kelvin creating the unique opportunity to have two instructors at every private lesson! Two instructors makes learning visually much quicker and easier.

YNC specializes in wedding first dance lessons, same sex wedding dances, father/daughter , Mother/son, Bat Mitzvah dances, entire bridal party choreographed dances, corporate events, and Industry choreography for film and television.

Every event is unique, so should your dance. YNC offers packages that vary from learning basic moves to avoid the dreaded “Middle School sway” to fully choreographed mashups, and everything in between.

YNC Dance Lessons & Choreography

Most Importantly we want you to learn and have fun! All of our lessons are in a completely private studio, In other words no one else is there. Secondly, we offer two instructors at all the lessons, we find it more efficient in learning partner dances. In addition we video what was learned for reference and practice.


YNC works with any genre of dance and music including but not limited to:








Cha Cha

Texas Two Step

Hip Hop






Social dance


Street dance

Novelty & fad dances

One of a kind Groomsman Dance

 In addition YNC can Choreograph a one of a kind groomsman dance. Surprise your guest and loved ones. for more info Contact us today!

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For a free consult

Your Night Choreo, LLC offers a free consult! We would love to hear your vision for your special event. Please contact us to schedule a free consult! We are also available on facetime, Skype, Facebook.

We are available Monday-Thursday 10-9

Saturday 2-7

Email us today and let’s schedule your free consult!


Studio located in Mid-Wilshire, Los Angeles (One block South of the LACMA and Peterson Auto Museum, one block north of Olympic Starbucks and Coffee Bean)

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