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All Dance Lesson Packages Include:

Private studio

Two first dance expert instructors at every lesson

Video of what was learned at each lesson

Music editing included with purchase of 5 or more lessons!

Lessons/packages start at $165.

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We offer discounts with all packages!

Choreography for wedding dances

Adult dance classes available for any occasion

Private dance classes

Learn to dance for your wedding 


Make your special event even more spectacular with a one of a kind dance by Your Night Choreo! YNC specializes in wedding first dance lessons, same sex wedding dances, father/daughter, Mother/son, Bat Mitzvah dances, entire bridal party choreographed dances, corporate events, and Industry choreography for film and television.

We focus on dance moves that highlight you! No stiff box steps or unnatural posturing, Your Night Choreo believes the dance is a direct reflection of the couple. This is your night to truly be the best version of yourselves!

Husband and wife choreographers, Krista and Kelvin Ramirez pull from a combined 30 years of dance experience in Ballroom, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, Bollywood, and more to create dances as unique as you are! All lessons are with Krista and Kelvin creating the unique opportunity to have two instructors at every private lesson! Two instructors makes learning visually much quicker and easier.

Every couple is unique, so should your dance!

YNC are first dance experts, with a combined experience of over 30 years and many genres of dance. 

We focus on wedding choreography and first wedding dance lessons in Los Angeles. We offer packages that vary from learning basic dance moves to avoid the dreaded “Middle School sway” to fully choreographed dance and music mashups, and everything in between. Visit our Services page for full package descriptions.

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YNC is rated top wedding dance school in Los Angeles by The Knot, Yelp, and Google! 

YNC works with any genre of dance and music including, but not limited to:

Latin dancing

Traditional Ballroom

Urban Ballroom





Cha Cha

Texas Two Step

Hip Hop










Flash mobs

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Our YNC wedding couples rock the dance floor! From traditional to completely creative first dances, we help you prepare for your wedding dance while creating a lifetime of memories. Visit our Gallery page to view past couples, families, and group dances. 

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Turn your lesson into a date night with a romantic dinner and then dancing with Your Night Choreo®!

We are located in the heart of Mid-City.  Check out the amazing nearby restaurants, museums, and shops to add to your dance date.  

Dance brings people together. What better way to let go of the stress of wedding planning than to spend time holding each other, laughing, and learning a new skill you will have forever? Our past couples talk about their experience below:

“My husband and I worked with Krista and Kelvin to learn some moves for our first dance at our wedding and we so loved working with them! We booked a "one and done" session a few weeks before our wedding, hoping to add a few moves to our repertoire so we didn't look like we had no idea what to do when the music came on 🙂 We had researched some other dance studios but really did not want to go to some stuffy place or have to commit to several classes. Krista and Kelvin's offering was unique in that you could go for one 90 minute session and walk away with some new moves and a general outline of your dance. We are both beginner dancers and K&K did an amazing job of teaching us simple moves that only looked complicated. They dance alongside you during the class which really helps you pick up the moves quickly as you can see exactly what it is supposed to look like. They were patient and always willing to show us the moves again and again until we got it. Not to mention they were fun to be around and created a super relaxed, comfortable environment. We left with a video recording of the routine we had learned which was immensely helpful! We watched it in the weeks leading up to our wedding so we had something to practice with. We ended up SO happy with what we did for our first dance. The moves were effortless, did not look staged, and guests were impressed. Thank you so much Krista and Kelvin!” Rachel L. October 2019 wedding
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“My wife and I had Krista and Kelvin choreograph our first dance. The performance was a mashup of three different songs, incorporating waltz, salsa, and hip hop dance. I am a dance beginner and I was able to get the steps ( with a lot of practice haha) Honestly, the experience of learning a dance with you soon-to-be spouse is a good, deep, and meaningful activity to engage in. Moving with purpose and direction together is a wonderful shared moment. Krista and Kelvin made our experience sooooo joyful. They pushed us to do our best and helped us every step of the way. They are just the best people to be around. You really don't meet people like that often, so when you do, cherish it. We do and we are so grateful. The instruction was top notch, and the steps became second nature even for a dance newbie like myself. When we did the dance that night of the wedding, we were stellar even when the DJ messed up our music. I never had a dance recital as a child, but our wedding night was my greatest recital yet. Thank you so much Krista and Kelvin!!!!! Hopefully before 2020 comes we'll finally get our dance video back haha and we can share it! :-)” - Jeff A., June 2019 wedding
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Jeff A

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Dance lessons for beginners

Private dance studio 

Two instructors

Practice video

Wedding Choreography sample Practice video
"Shape of you" by Ed sheeran

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Video Icon Workshops

YNC is not just for wedding dances! Now offering adult hip hop dance workshops! Learn the choreography from ICONIC music videos. Taught in a high energy, judgment free way, you will learn dances from videos you love! From Britney Spears to Beyonce, you can feel like a video icon in these hip hop and pop dance classes! 

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Your Night Choreo, LLC offers a free consult! We would love to hear your vision for your special event. Please contact us yournightchoreo@gmail.com to schedule a free consult! We are also available on Facetime, Skype, Facebook.

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