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The Best first dances in the USA.

Watch as couples entertain the crowd with a wedding choreography dance!

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YNC Dance Lessons

YNC Krista & Kel Having a little fun in rehearsal with Ed Sheeran’s  Shape of you (Latin Remix).



Single Song Choreography

A beautiful French song as a nod to where they got engaged.  Drawing from traditional ballroom, YNC added it’s own moves to let this gorgeous couple shine!


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YNC Spins & Dips in Action


Coldplay’s “Sky Full of Stars.” Their dance had all the elements of Dancing with the Stars! Lifts, Dips, Spins, and all of it done in a ball gown!!

first dance dance lessons

YNC wedding choreography dance videos

First wedding dances and wedding dances LA

Choreographed Song Mashups

Mix your favorite songs together. Impress your guest with your new dance skills!

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Same Sex first dances

same sex first dances

wedding first dance

Parent Dances

father daughter dance


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Bridal Party Dances



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